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Building disputes are generally particularly complex there can be the legal issues, the technical construction matters along with the emotional issues. Conflict can occur about the building period, quality of work, inclusions, variations, progress payments and council certifications. Builders can easily find themselves involved in conflicts with home owners and disagreements concerning the QBCC which bring about hearings regarding considerable amounts of money or reviews of a QBCC decisions in QCAT.

Lawyers Qld is uniquely equipped to help you with this sort of problem because we are a Law Firm dedicated to acting for clients caught up in a building dispute. The firm has represented many clients in QCAT as the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal is known and its' predecessor the Queensland Commercial and Consumer Tribunal or CCT. We understand that building disputes are inherently stressful and can be legally and technically complicated. We support our clients with practical advice to minimise the damage of being involved in a building dispute.


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In Queensland the Government has decided that the majority of building disputes must be heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal - QCAT. Normally the venue of the resolution of disputes is dictated by the amount of money claimed. As the amount increases the venue changes for example a maximum monetary limit for QCAT is $25000, $150,000 in the Queensland Magistrates Court, $750,000 in the Queensland District Court and $750000 and above has to be heard in the Queensland Supreme Court.

The consequence of the legislation is that building disputes involving large amounts of money have to be heard in QCAT which normally has a monetary limit of $25,000.

In practical terms building disputes involving large amounts of money take on a life similar to that of a commercial dispute involving large amounts of money which would have to be heard in the Queensland District or Supreme Courts.

This creates a situation where it is not uncommon to see parties to building disputes represented by Lawyers and Barristers as would routinely be the case in the District or Supreme Courts because of the amounts of money involved.

QCAT was created to enable parties to disputes to be self represented and legal representations is not allowed as of right as it would be in the Queensland District or Supreme Courts. In complicated matters or matters involving large amounts of money an application for legal representation can be made to the tribunal.

QCAT will never discourage a party to a dispute from seeking legal advice. An application for legal representation in QCAT is an application to have a legally qualified person speak for you and be with you at any hearings or any mediation.

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