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Building Disputes frequently arise when there are misunderstandings or either the owner or the builder is simply unreasonable. We act for Builders and homeowners so we understand all of the issues and understand the prospective of both sides.

Karen Schwede is the Legal Practitioner Director of the firm and personally handles all building and construction matters. Karen has been representing clients in QCAT since its inception and appeared in the former Commercial and Consumer Tribunal. Karen was admitted as a Solicitor in 1988 and is an Australian Legal Practitioner which entitles her to practice law in any Australian State.


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We represent, home owners, Body Corporates, Builders and those working in the building industry in all levels of the Queensland Court system. The majority of building disputes and QBCC Reviews in Queensland are heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or QCAT. A Queensland Solicitor from Lawyers Queensland can appear on your behalf at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

The QCAT process is much like a Court of Law in it's structure. Every effort is made to encourage the parties to come to a resolution of the building dispute through compulsory conferences and mediation which are overseen personally by a Member (The person like the Judge in a Court)

At Lawyers Qld we can help you prepare for mediations, compulsory conferences and hearings by providing you with practical knowledge of the processes and assisting you with access to the right witness such as building experts, engineers and quantity surveyors to prove your case. You won't be left alone to defend yourself. We will be with you all the way to guide you to the best possible outcome.

If the building dispute is outside the jurisdiction of QCAT (The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) we have the skills and experience to have your matter heard in the Queensland District or Queensland Supreme Court.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission Reviews of QBCC decisions are heard in QCAT and you can be legally represented

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The image above represents a hearing room like the hearing rooms at QCAT. As you can see they are much like a Court room.

In our experience the QBCC addopt an adversarial approach when anyone seeks a review of a QBCC decision. The QBCC is always represented by a QBCC Legal officer who will be a qualified solicitor or the QBCC will actually engage an outside private law firm or a prive Law Firm and a Barrister to vigerously defend review matters.

Many people can be affected by decisions made by administrative staff at the QBCC it may be a decision about the rectification of defective work, a decision in relation to an insurance claim under the QBCC's statutory insurance or you may be a builder or Private Certifier who is the subject of a disciplinary matter.


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Lawyers Qld is a Queensland based incorportated legal practice.
We have a strong focus on Building and Construction Litigation. If you need a Brisbane Building Solicitor or a Gold Coast Building Solicitor call us to help with your building dispute or QBCC review.

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Karen Schwede is the Principal of Lawyers Qld. She was admitted as a Queensland Solicitor in 1988 and is qualified in all Australian States and also in Hong Kong, England and Wales. Karen will always be the Solicitor responsible for your matter and it will not be delegated to a junior.